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A playground for Design Thinkers and -doers

We empower people to improve their world through human centered design.
We provide a playground to develop and test different event formats and workshops.
We are a network hub for the Design Thinking Community.


Our Methods

In our formats we rely on the methods and mindset of Design Thinking. Design Thinking is a toolbox of innovation methods that allow ideas to be brought into the world more quickly. The focus is on the user with their human needs and desires. Invented in Silicon Valley, Design Thinking is used wherever it is necessary to break the status quo and tackle complex problems.


1) Understand

What are the different dimensions of a problem? In a 360-degree analysis, we look at the challenge from many perspectives.


2) Research

We focus on the human. In the research phase we leave our own filter bubble, conduct interviews and generate empathy for our target group.


3) Problem definition

Based on the interviews, we reformulate the initial challenge. Sometimes we take a look at the big picture, sometimes the problem lies in the details.


4) Ideation

Using brainstorming methods from the design thinking toolbox, we take unusual perspectives and encourage wild ideas.


5) Prototyping

The results are always tangible solutions: an app, a role-playing game or a prototype made of LEGO, cardboard or polystyrene. This is how we make ideas tangible together.


6) Testing

By presenting the first prototypes directly to our target group, we collect important initial feedback. This way we can improve and ensure that the future user remains always in the centre of attention.



We are a registered association. We work in flat hierarchies. Our strength lies in intensive teamwork on eye level, where everybody can bring in theirher ideas. Many of our members are certified through the School of Design Thinking or underwent a comparable education. However, this is not a prerequisite for joining us. We are always looking for creative, motivated and innovative minds!
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What We Do

Professional workshop experiences
We create our workshops with Design Thinking tools, a creative method that yields quick and tangible results.

Fast Forwards

Entry trainings to gain the innovator’s mindset
Duration: 45 minutes to 1 day

Method Workshops

Learn Design Thinking.
Duration: 1 to 3 days


We support our participants in tackling real-life challenges.
Duration: 3 days to several month

Innovation Consultancy

We consult a client on a real-world challenge (incl. result discussion and process documentation).
Duration: 3 days to several months.


In Method Jams, keynote talks and skillsharing events we support each other by learning and enhancing our methods and tools.


Better together! We offer a platform for the Design Thinking community to network and connect. For example the SayHello events for D.School students and alumnii or the
Coworking day for students freelancers and digital nomads.

Redesign Democracy

Redesign Democracy is a combination of various workshop-formats, that bring Design Thinking and political education together. With Redesign Democracy we support politically interested people to become active.

• Formulate your own political opinion
• Break your filter bubble
• Identify your options and potential for action
• Create your own action plans
• Get to know like-minded team members

>> Go to »Redesign Democracy« Website


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