Hello. We are D.Collective. As an NGO we belong to the field of Social Entrepreneurship. We are a playground for Design Thinkers – and friends! We organize workshops, pitches and talks for the community. While doing this, we believe in trust and an open mind. We want to live the Design Thinking culture! We do this because we want to change the world. We want to empower everybody to benefit from Design Thinking.

What is this about?

We are a non-profit NGO that focus on three topics.

Design Thinking for Education
We spread the spirit and the methods of Design Thinking to the outside world. We are focussing on the education sector, bringing Design Thinking to Schools, Universities and Career Centers.

Networking and Training for the Community
We bring the Design Thinking Community together! We offer several networking formats, some of them are about drinking, some of them deliver some input about skills Design Thinkers need – like graphical recording, presentation or warm ups. We also provide a space in Berlin-Neukölln for coworking! If you wanna work in a cosy environment and get feedback or support on your projects, you should get in touch with us.

Playground for Design Thinkers
As a non-profit NGO we consider ourselve as a platform for Design Thinkers. You wanna run a project? You need feedback on a certain idea? You wanna make some coaching experience especially in the education sector? Join us and pitch your project! We are very excited to get in touch with you.